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    Spur and center diff

    If you change the spur gear to 54 from the stock 65 in the 56085, do you need to match the slipper gear to 54 as well?

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    No you do not need to make any changes to the input shaft drive gear.
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    Not sure I fully understand the question.

    The spur gear is the gear on the slipper and the larger, plastic gear near the motor. A 54 spur will bolt right up, no modifications needed. 3 bolts and the slipper comes off. Pay attention to what side of the slipper faces out, if the slipper is put on backwards the gears will not align correctly. You will also need to loosen (not remove) the motor so you can re-set the gear mesh.

    Follow this link to re-set the gear mesh after. And make sure it spins smooth without wobble.

    here is a visual too. You do not need to remove the slipper assembly like he did if you do not want to.
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    not sure but I think the Q is the pinion. The 18 pinion is also a .8 mod 5mm Bore (32 pitch), just get a good gear mesh.
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    Instead of the paper method I adjust the mesh a little different.

    1) I hold the pinion tight to the spur and tighten the motor bolt to just snug, I want the motor to still be able to move with some force.
    2) I spin the spur a few revolutions, which pushes the motor to the absolute closest position that will mesh correctly.
    3) Tighten the motor bolt to tight.
    4) Spin the spur a few revolutions again to ensure no binding. If binding occurs repeat the process.

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