Sorry I know that there are a lot of threads on the subject, but a search brought up nothing on this brand of battery. I'm also very new to the world of electric RC cars, I just got a Revo 3.3 about 2 months ago and decidided to try out the new 1/16 Revo for my first dive into electric.

Now as for teh batteries, these ones good?

Now I've been talking to a buddy about the whole 3s vs 2s...and he said that 2 of the 2s will be lots for the truck, he mentioned that 2 3s would be a bit of overkill with wheelies and just general all around handling. So I opted for the 2s thus far...but if you can change my mind, please feel free to do so, as I said, I'm very new to the new technologies.

As for the charger, he mentioned that you can't charge 2 li-pos at the same time? Sort of a downer since I want to run 2 batteries in the truck, waiting 2 hours isn't' what I had planned On that note, this is the charger he said hes got and said is pretty good.

Now again, if I am wrong and there are chargers that can charge 2 li-pos at the same time please feel free to speak up...I would much rather pay extra for one charger rather than buying 2 chargers and what not..
If that is possible, or you want to show me an upgrade, can you just post a new link from that hobby store, make it easy on me

Thanks a lot guys