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    Tires : Yours recommendation for 1) Asphalt 2) Terrain racing ?

    Hi friends,

    what is Your tires recommentation for E-Revo ( with Titans + 8.4V NiMH ) for racing on 1) asphalt and for 2) nature terrain ( grass fields, forrest ) ? I want to buy these rims JConcepts Rulux 1/8 Trk Whl 1/2 Offset Half-Ups or STD offset
    What is Your personal recommendation or experience with tires for these rims or for complet ( rims and tires ) for Asphalt / Terrain racing with E-Revo ?? Rims with 17mm HEX only, please.

    For example these asphalt tires looks great Pro-Line Road Rage 3.8" (40 Series) but I don`t know which 17mm HEX rims they fit.

    Thanks a lot

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    For the street I would recomend these tires. They will not fit on your rulux half-ups though. You need to buy hpi blast or tremor wheels.

    For basing I would recommend either of these tires. They will fit on the rims you have selected, with a little bit of stretching. They look and perform great. Putting them on the half-ups will give them a lower profile.

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    I started getting "wrapped around the axle" about getting better tires, and after a few hundred bucks I am back with my stock tires. I tried the Road Rage II's on pavement and for whatever reason (I didn't tweak the setup much so that may have been a factor) they didn't work near as well. I can't remember the names of the others, I just remember that they just didn't impress.
    Anyway, just wanted to throw that out there...I've always been able to race and bash and keep up with everyone else running different rubber, and keep in mind as well that the money you spend on tires could also go toward a better motor or better batteries, and both of those make more difference than tires, IMO.


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