Ok so this thread is more for the new guys like me who have had a little trouble finding tire and rim combos. I spent alot of time trying to figure out what tires and rims would go together and to be honest I never really got it. One thing I knew for sure is when I looked at users pics on here it seemed alot of people pretty much use alot of the same combos and I knew I wanted something a little different. With the help of a few good forum members (Revo1,chachi,Brushlessman) I was able to put together a few good tire and wheel combos that fit and that I didnt see on every car I looked at. Below you will find a list of what I have along with part numbers and names incase you would like to order the same set up. As well as a few pics. Hope you enjoy and that this may help someone who like me had a hard time choosing tires and rims. All the prices and part numbers listed are from Towerhobbies.com and prices were what I I paid at the time I ordered them.

1. Rulux 1/8 wheels 1/2 offset ups Part number #LXTTD0 $19.59 set of four.These rims come in a set of four. They come white and you dye them black. They are fitted with Jconcepts Double Dee tires part #lxufb4 $47.98 forset of four.

2.Maximizer beadlocks zero offset 12 spoke part #LXNWP7 $55.98 for set of four. Fitted with HPI GT2 Tires 160x86mm Savage part# LXMCZ5 $53.98 for set of four.

3.RPM Revolver Monster Truck Wheel 17mm Chrome part#LXVCA4 $30.18 for set of four. Fitted with IMEX Swamp Dawg Tire Medium w/Molded Foam part#LXWFW0 $42.98 for set of four.

4.RPM Revolver 3.2" Monster Truck Wheel 17mm Black part#LXVCA3 fitted with Proline Mt badland tires. part#lxnks3 $39.98 for a set of four.