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    Novak HV Pro with standard radio

    I just ordered the Novak HV Pro 6.5T combo on ebay, and I had a few questions. I've already done a search, and I think I'm more confused now than before.
    1. Do I need to get a 2.4 ghz radio, or will I be fine with the stock radio?
    2. If I do upgrade the radio, will I be able to use the stock servos as well?
    3. I'm waiting for 2s lipos to arrive. Do the instructions with the Novak clearly explain how to hook these up to the ESC?

    Thanks for the help

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    You may be ok, you may not. I'm running the stock radio with my HV-Maxx 6.5 and it's a little glitchy but drivable... seems to be better when i'm in the sticks... worse in the city. for some people it's perfectly fine and some it's completly undrivable.

    You'll need a y cable to connect the two servos into the receiver but yes you can use stock with the 2.4. However with some 2.4s you'll get added benefits by getting after market servos.

    Yes. you can download the PDF from Novaks website to read up on it while you're waiting.

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    Does anyone have a pic or a diagram or a link for the type of y cable I would need?

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    It's just a standard servo y-cable...two female ends and one male end.

    But, since you are upgrading anyway, I suggest that you go ahead and convert to a single-servo steering saves weight, simplifies the wiring, and becomes stronger with the parts you use (aluminum Pro-Line single bellcrank).
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