Ok, so over in the e-maxx forum there's a lot of debate on the pro's and conns of each motor and which will be faster, better, and what have you... so i decided to do a quasi scientific test: Running around in a soccer field and semi wet baseball diamond...

Here's phase 1.

Titan 775 18/68
2x 2s ***** 20c lipos
T-Maxx 6.3" tires

Speed: 21.7mph (on pavement)
In the field after 10min of WOT temp was 132F on the motor 112F on the esc. (outside temp is 77f)
also after 10 min the *****s were down to 3.82v and since I forgot to bring the smart stop I decided to stop there.

Phase 2: I'll put the 700HO in it tonight or tomorrow and do the same thing again and see how they compare for me.

I will say this. This truck is a lot of fun with this setup!