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Thread: Proline Wheels

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    Proline Wheels

    I am looking to run a set of proline tires on the Proline split six bead locks. Is anyone running the split six? I seen in the description they are not recommend for high speed brushless motors?

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    Ive got a set of Split 6's with trenchers on them and have had no problems at all running the stock velineon on a 2s lipo. Heres a pic of them and a pic of the stock glued tires. To be fair i don't think the tires were glued properly from the factory. I looked at the fronts and there pulling apart and I have only run them for a bout a week before switching out to the beadlocks. Ive run a brand new set of tires down to the foam and haven't thrown a tire yet.

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    I use the split 6 as well. No issues so far. I have used badlands for off road and holeshots for racing. Running a Tekin brushless setup. Hope that helps.

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    ProLine updated the Split Six (and the newer F11) bead locks a little while ago by adding ribs that grip the tire better. I've run Trenchers and Street Fighters on 2s and 3s with no problem. I have not tried otehr brands of tires on the wheels, but others have commented that they didn't have a problem with them.
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    I've got the split six wheels with hole shot tires i use for race nights and love them both. Have not had any problems with the wheels yet.

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    I use split six's and trenchers, and I haven't had anything fly off. I taped the insides of my tires to srop ballooning.

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    I have even seen a few guys at the track racing with them with no issues.

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