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    Going beyond 'waterproofing' electronics

    Looking forward to getting my mini revo.

    What are some things that can be done to it right out the box to keep it going for a long time and minimize maintenance needed down the road?

    I plan to run in all conditions: mud, snow, gravel, sand, etc..

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    now thats what i like. i dont think there really any way to avoit maintance but i know brshless are pretty maintence free so i dont think maintence should be a problem.
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    Well, with water, the main issues are rusting.

    What I would do is take some grease to major seals for the electronics (motor wires exiting motor, receiver box joint) and what not. Be generous, but try not to get it all over the place as it will attract dirt.

    Just make sure that there is enough to provide a solid seal. You never know what the factory guys missed when assembling it.

    Other than that, there isn't much more that can be done. You could get stainless screws, since screws seem to rust a lot.

    What I would simply do is keep a large can of WD-40 with you, and after you run it through a wet environment, liberally spray the entire truck, with extra emphasis on metal parts and screws so they don't rust. Also make sure to get any crevices where water may sit for a while. It's better your truck is sopping wet with WD-40 rather than have some water somewhere.

    Then, you can either just shake the truck off, or another option is to blow off excess WD-40 using compressed air.

    If the truck is dirty, it might be preferable to rinse it off with water before doing the WD-40 spray, as WD-40 and dirt make a grimy mess.

    One last option is to go ahead and seal the diff and transmission housings if you plan to run through deep bodies of water where part of the truck may be submerged (pond, stream, etc). But, another way is to just liberally apply grease in the ring/pinion area, and running the truck will spread it around and create a bit of a seal that way.

    Running in water adds a lot of extra maintenance to the truck. I'd say every 10 hours of runtime, a partial tear down should be made to let certain tight spots fully dry and to check major parts for rust. Every 25 hours of runtime a more complete teardown should be done. (To specify, a partial teardown involves removing the front and rear ends and maybe the tranny, a complete tear down involves removing the diffs and parting the bulks, opening the tranny, and also checking the pivot balls on the suspension.)
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    Also pay close attention to the axel bearings, when i ran my nitro revo in the winter that was my biggest problem was having those bearings seize up on me, sure they are sealed but that means nothing when it comes to water, i never did find a remedy for it other then taking them out every so often and popping the seals off and freeing up any seized ones with wd40 and then blowing them out and putting grease in and putting the seals back on. For the ones that weren't sealed i would just pop the seals out and put grease in and put the seals back on.

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