I've done some searching on this forum, and couldn't quite find my exact question answered, so if this has already been covered 3,000 times, please forqive!! I have 6 of the Venom 8.4v 4200 and or the 5000 batteries. The 4200 (2) had the same problem as just 1 of the 5000's is experiencing and that is from the discharged (6.20v-6.84v) my Onyx 240 will shut down @ 7.24 -7.28v
(394 ma to 201 ma) and take only 15.46 minutes to 4.01 minutes to charge. This has only happened on a total of 3 out of 6 batteries. The other 3 batteries charge up fully and work just fine. Venom to their credit has taken the 4200's back and replaced them, however without explanation. But what is going on with these? The questionable units do not "heat up" while charging (less than 80 deg). Any ideas people?