Well hi, I just sold my brushless Slash and got an e-Revo. I had a Losi DSM 2.4 giga radio system in my Slash and planned to put it in the Revo. I also put a Novak 4s smart stop in to run lipos.

I had a y-adapter from a mini lst2 that used dual steering servos, so obviously I planned to use it in this application. I could not get it to all work together. Sometimes the motors wouldn't run, sometimes the servos, sometimes neither, and once it ALL WORKED FINE. I almost always had it plugged in the right way. I sometimes tries one steering servo, and sometimes it worked.

When it all worked(but wasn't in the box) I unplugged a couple things to put it all in the box and then it didn't work. Is there something about this radio that won't work with this truck? It worked flawlessly in my Slash.