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    Purple 3906 Build almost complete

    Well when I met my wife back back in 03'. I was a TC guy. She bought a 3906 E-maxx for a "bonding expirence." Unless you are doing the driving
    TC racing is pretty boring. Well The truck was more or less sitting on a shelf since I got a T-Maxx. Lately I have been drawn back to electric and decided to resurrect the 3906 in purple and blue AL.

    Upgrades from stock as follows:

    Black hex screws
    3905 diffs (current stock fluild but going to 120k)
    3905 driveshafts
    Blue Al bulks F & R
    Blue Al lower chassis braces
    blue Al antenna nut
    Blue Al wheel nuts
    3905 Turnbuckles
    5605 knuckles (E-Revo; larger bearing and steel ringed arround pivot ball)

    Ti hinge pins

    Blue titanium beadlocks (yes real Ti and just as light as maximizer plastic ones)

    RPM (all in purple)
    wear plates
    bulkhead braces
    shock towers

    k-rocks tires

    T-maxx steering kit (3906 chassis mod needed)

    Parma PSE
    Sport trac body (I painted this when we got the truck in 03 just ran this year and body cracked in 1st run, paint chipped in second)

    650M servo

    Team Associated
    factory team blue heatsinks for e-maxx
    factory team blue shock for t-maxx with 4 stock 4 trinity springs

    Shock socks off of ebay for $4

    Motor and gearing:
    I have a RRP slipper I need to put back on. Currently stock slipper with 12/72 gearing on a single Titan.

    How the single titan come about.
    Tonight I did a test run and in the process a I had a pinion grub screw come loose. With the low gearing it seems to run fine on a single titan so I am keeping it that way. Keeps cool with with a 90% of the time in first and the heatsinks. The single titan is a reverse rotation out of a e-revo. They are alot cheaper than the standard ones on eBay. The diffs have been flipped to correct revers direction. Single titan set on passenger side to compensate for reversed torque twist. This truck was built HD for the noobie in mind. The single motor will slow it down and improve confidence. May drop it down to 9T pinion as well. Great run time with this setup with some GP3300's from 2003.

    A little dirty but here are a few quick shots I took for this thread:

    From here I have a few things left to do.

    Steel idlers to bulletproof the drivetrain
    Put the RRP slipper back in
    Get some cooler bumper and a new shell
    Considering dropping in the traxxas blue waterproof electronics like in my 3905.
    It may be spilled milk, but I wish I had won this HCR Purple chassis on eBay a while back. I didn't even bid on it and it went for $64.78. It would have added just the right touch.
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