After burning up my motors (titan 550) yesterday after only about 10 runs, I think I'm going to upgrade the motor. I'm very interested in trying the Dewalt 12V, but after searching and reading lots of threads on this, I'm still a little confused. Is there a thread along the lines of "Complete Idiot's Guide to Dewalt Motor Installation"? I'm starting to get the general idea, but I'm new to RC, and my LHS isn't much help, and is over an hour away. Here is what I think I need:

1. Dewalt motor from Sears
2. Motor mount (not sure which one is easiest to install)
3. 3 capacitors (not sure which size)
4. Screws/bolts to connect motor to motor mount (not sure which size)
5. Pinion gear (still not sure which size)
6. Spacers (I don't know what these are for, or what size they are)

I actually took an older Dewalt 12V drill apart today to see if the motor would work, but it's a different model than I've seen in the threads, which was unfortunate. Any help would be appreciated.