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Thread: battery adapter

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    battery adapter

    Hey guys.

    I searched through the forums and could not find the answer to this question.

    Where can I get the adapter to use my RC18r batteries with the 1/16 scale Traxxas trucks? I know they will work because it was mentioned that they would. They have that small square interface (what is this called by the way?).


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    Why not just make new connectors on the battery yourself? If no skills, maybe have your LHS do it for you?
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    Like i'ma tell you? ok i live right behind you.
    you can make one if you don't find any.

    I'ma be make a TRX to EC3 plug adapter for M(TRX) to F(EC3) and F(TRX) to M(EC3). This way i can easily hook my batteries from one other that have different battery plugs.
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