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    I have all my servo wires running over the transmission so that they won't bind on the shift rod. That didn't seem to help
    I gots trucks and no idea what I'm doing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ieatfish View Post
    1. Remove the bottom skidplate (you don't have to, but it makes it SO much easier to put it back together) (you also need to remove the center screw on the front skidplate so you can slide the middle one out)

    2. Remove the drive shafts from the transmission

    3. Disconnect the shifting linkage from the micro servo

    4. Remove the four transmission screws

    5. Slide transmission out and adjust screw

    6. Put back together

    It took maybe 20 min tops.
    I know this is digging up an old thread but I wanted to say these instructions were great.
    Before you go through this work, try one more thing depending on how bad your shifting sticks. I followed these instructions and it still felt tight shifting one way. I ended up taking the transmission apart just to see how it all worked and figure out what else could be causing the binding. It's actually not bad to take it apart as long as you are careful and don't get gears fall out all over the place.
    I found in my case, there is a rubber ring on the very outside of the transmission, probably to keep dirt from getting in where the shifting shaft enters. It was a tight enough seal between the shaft and rubber that there was too much friction with the shaft going in. With a little bit of lube, that fixed it up immediately and now shifting is incredibly smooth. I also adjusted the spring tension to my liking while the transmission was out but I could have gotten away with just a little lube on the shifting shaft in my case.

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    Just do it...they make replacement parts.VXL power

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