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    Polyquest 4S lipos

    I decided that racing with 4S will be the hot ticket for me after good advice from many and my personal experience running and experimenting with 4S, 5S and 6S. I presently have one pair of ***** 4S 3500 mah, they are very good for bashing and fooling around but for racing I want the best so I ordered a pair of Neu XP 3900 mah 4S1P 25C/50C that were on sale. I wanted the 4300 mah but they have only one left and plan to restock by mid to end of May only.
    I am looking at these Polyquest 4500mAh 4S 30C - 50C and am hoping that they get them back in stock shortly, the dimensions are 170x30x45mm. It seems a bit tight with the 170 mm. Since the pack looks rounded at both ends, it might fit, has anyone tryed those packs, can someone tell me if they will fit?
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