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    Lipo this OK?

    I just got my 1st Lipo yesterday. Im using the SPC 3s 5000 mAh along with the Intellipeak ICE and the Equinox balancer. After my 1st charge the mAh count was around 4200, which I assumed was fine since it probably had some charge in it. I have charged it twice since and both times the mAh count was 5000. Shouldnt the count be lower than 5000 since there is charge left in the battery? I know with my 4600 mAh NiMH batterys the count is aways less than 4600. Im concerned the charger isnt detecting the remaining charge left in the battery and could possibly lead to an overcharge. Should I be concerned?

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    Nope...this is completely normal. If I understand this correctly...that the mah is measured starting from 3.0volts per cell, b/c it the cells on a lipo go below 3.0 volts...they are destroyed.
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    The ice will not overcharge (not supposed to) and if it shows 5000 mah every time then I conclude 2 possible things:

    The battery is being allowed to run too low.
    The battery may not be being charged fully.

    The first is true if the resting voltage is below 10.5 volts
    The second is possibly true if capacity setting is 5000 and max capacity is set to 100%
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