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    E-Maxx Brushless questions

    So I was looking at the brushless E-Maxx... And it has one motor? Can you add another brushless motor to it? Even though I do not have a E-Maxx I always loved my nitro T-Maxx...

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    If you add another brushless motor, you'll have to add another brushless ESC and more batteries.

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    It will be redundant to have two brushless motors, a one good 2200kv motor will be already very powerfull paired with an MM2, will leave any nitro at the lights geared properly and some good batteries.

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    Unless you are just trying to be really extreme, the brushless motor is more than is reasonable for the frame.

    Can the stock speed controller take 6s? That would really bust things quick.

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    The bushless motor and ESC has to much power then the truck can handle. Adding another motor will just make it heavier, thus decreasing performance.
    Although the main issue you will have, is getting 2 ESC's in sync with each other. Because they will be turning the same spur gear.
    If you want to go extreme, just replace the motor with a bigger one.
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