here's a few questions for you dudes

I've been heavily leaning towards the e-maxx lately..but I've been reading alot where people say that for a little more you're getting twice the truck with an e revo...especially as far as durability's concerned

anyway, the e revo seems to have more of a truggy look right out of the box...and I would like something that sits more like a monster truck....would I be able to adjust the height of the e revo to make it sit more like an e-maxx??

as far as bodies go..does the e revo accept most after market e maxx shells?

I'm not a huge fan of the talon tires in the looks or performance category...will maxx tires fit on the e revo? like if I wanted the tires that come in the box with an e maxx, are they a direct fit on the e revo?

also, speedwise....with the same batteries, geared the same and with the same tires, would the e revo and e maxx have the same acceleration and top end? (I have two 2S lipos, 6K mah that I'd be using in one of these bad boys)