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    How fast will the summitt be with two 7-cell packs in it? Also, will these diffs require alot of maintnance? seems like alot of moving parts which can equal things going wrong. looks like a neat all around truck though.

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    30mph at best, thats all you can hope for really with nimhs.

    Doubtful, but it depends on the terrain, driving style, and how often you try to lock/unlock them at speed (dont is the short answer). Its best to lock/ unlock when at a crawl, or standstill, that way you are less likely to sheer off the little teeth.
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    dont be acclerating while you shift(maybe, i wouldnt reccomend it)
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    you should not drive with lockers on at high speeds or for long time with out reason. I have a real Jeep Rubicon with lockers and it is bad for the car to drive with them on for no reason and at higher speeds.

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