The crawlers dont know if they should claim it as a crawler then you have the bashers i.e. emaxxers who dont even know to claim it as a fellow basher and then you got the racers i.e revo folks, who dont know if they should claim the truck as theirs also claim as in SAME BREED, but forget this truck is so awesome it does ALL OF THE ABOVE!! I think this truck is one of the coolest out there not only can I get it muddy, but I can somewhat race with it or rock crawl with it or bash etc....its all purpose. You guys remember taking tests and you had:
A: -----

and you guys knew deep down inside it was D: ALL OF THE ABOVE but didnt want to circle the bubble becuase you were bias towards the other 3 choices well the summit is like that its D: ALL OF THE ABOVE.......a great truck (based on the videos)