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    Help with bullet connectors and fans not working

    CHAPS - just fitted the SAGA reeve motor mount to my beast.

    Have a look on Its awesome.

    I have mounted my standard reeve motor for now along with my current gearing of 22/54.

    I have now added the Castle XL2 esc. This is 8mm bullet connectors and the castle/traxxas motor is 6mm.

    Please can any one advise how they have installed this. Are there any 8mm/6mm adaptors out there or do i have to cut the motor bullets off and solder 8mm on?

    Any ideas chaps.

    Oh and a question. If the motor is not plugged in will the Castle XL2 fans and the castle motor fan blower still work. At the moment they don't and the motor is not connected. Hope they will all work once the motor and esc are connected with the correct bullets

    Any help - cheers

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    Unsolder the current connectors and solder on some 8mm ones. Any adaptors you use will create more possible points of failure, added resistance, and a sloppy looking rig.

    Some ESCs have an internal temp sensor and the fans will kick on at a predetermined temp.
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