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    Radio box options - Receiver box is a wiring mess!

    Are there any options for a bigger Rx box? Or tricks to working with the mess of wires mashed into the existing box?

    As I see it, the box was designed for the old two channel FM Rx and three wire sets in the Revo 2.5/3.3 which is more than adequate.

    Now with modern electronics and telemetry there's Dual Steering, Throttle, ESC Fan, Motor Fan, Expander, Temp, Volts, Antenna and LED/BEC Aux wires.

    It's become a super tight mess on all my trucks and I would love for a larger box. There's plenty of room for a longer and even taller box.

    I honestly dread opening the Rx box and have resorted to using Y adapters for the ESC, Fans and servos to reduce the amount of wires going into the box and allow for easy fan / servo changes without opening the box. That leaves a mess outside the box to deal with.

    Although I'm venting a little frustration, I'm not faulting Traxxas in any way, just looking for upgrade options. I would love for a larger box that could house an external BEC and extra wire length coiled up.

    Any suggestions? I know there's a ton of little waterproof wiring boxes available on the net.

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    You could try mounting a radio box from a 1/8th scale nitro buggy, those things were big enough to house the receiver, the receiver battery pack, the power switch and extras.
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    Ya the box is too small. I'm trying to put a cap in there and it seems like it's going to be tight. I was thinking of cutting up the wires going in to shorten them and re crimp to at least have less wire in there.

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