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    Think I hit a new limit...split an LST diff

    Not sure how I did this honestly, anyone ever see it? When doing the LST diff install (which I've done twice) I tried to find a happy medium of material removed from the diff case/bulkhead and always shim correctly (which in my experience so far the stock setup for shims they come with has worked, anymore I've found to be tight)

    Split the case

    Destroyed the teeth on the ring gear and pinion

    Seems I hit a limit on abuse. 1717 and 5S

    Also found stainless steel set screws for the MIP driveshafts which hopefully will help with those tiny little things coming loose (wish they made it like Traxxas' and had the dowel pin style set screws instead of two little ones but whatever).

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    what was that? what was what..oh that. thats mine.

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    It happened to my front diff. Maybe I grinded too much away from the case on that one.
    It's been fun. See ya.

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