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    Help gearing BL Slash

    Hey guys just burnt up the Titan in my Slash and want to put a sensored brushless in it. Looking at the LRP AI Brushless speedys as they are water proof, so either a 13.5 or 10.5 motor. Any clues on gearing?

    Please don't suggest a Mamba / VXL etc, the ESC isn't water proof so no use to me, My Slash does a LOT of jumping over and into swimming pools, creeks, fish ponds etc.

    Also can you clean out brushless motors with Motor Spray?

    Mods on it to date are:
    Spectrum RX
    Traxxas Big Bore Shocks Front and Rear
    Alloy Universals
    FLM front brace.
    HPI Savage Flux
    Traxxas Slash

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    Why didn't you buy a seal???
    They love water and are fast

    Anyways, i didnt know the brushless motors where waterproof..
    The LRP ESC is a good one but can't help on the gearing.
    Running a 2T 4750kv motor on 23t Pinion /stock spur. runs great.
    *LRP S8BX .28* Traxxas Slayer*DX3.0*

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