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    E-Revo 1/10 - Keep stripping Rod Ends! Any solutions?

    It seems like the rod ends, on the rear push rods, on my E-Revo 1/10 NEVER last longer than my batteries! I am taking some pretty big jumps, and that seems to do it every time. Anyone have a solution? Metal vs plastic?


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    Its rare that happens but it is a cheap replecement. I have had to change mine only once on a rear pushrod because of a bad crash.

    Once you get a handle of the truck better, it will not happen oftne for the nomal function of the pushrod, metal rod ends will only transfer the shocks else where and you may end up damaging something else.

    From the sound of it, you may also change the shock oïl to 80w, for extreme bashing, as it seems like they are not absorbing the jumps you are doing.
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    Check your suspension travel and make sure your chassis bottoms out before shock does (spring should never fully compress and still have room to further compress when chassis hit the ground). Also make sure you are using the right rod length for your rocker and make sure you are using the right size rod ends with proper thread length and they are tight. See if that fixes your problem.
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    Funny I read this as I just bought my E-Revo and the first day driving it right out of the box I took it over a small bump(sidewalk meets grass) and my right rear pushrod came out at the rocker end and I lost the spacer. I screwed it back in and drove it around a bit to see what would happen and it came out again. Itook the opportunity to buy the steel pushrods and hopefully I have no further issues with it. Brand new truck and first day out of the box and that happened. First thing I thought was...oh man, I hope this isn't going to be a problem truck.
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    had the same problem with mine first time out lost spacer bought new rod ends next time out same problem called traxxas sent me new spacers free but didnt help with the problem i ended up drilling a 1/16th hole thru tie rod and rod end and put a 1/16 drill rod thru it never pulled out again did only the rears both ends

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