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    Battery conectors?

    I was just wondering if it really matters if you use the old conector with the adaptor or if the new TRX adaptor straight. I wouldn't think so but i was just wondering if someone knew. I'm runnin the conector on mine and havn't tride the other one yet.

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    It doesn't matter but, using the adaptor can cause the white part of the connector to get hot. The traxxas connector can handle much more current, than the adaptor.

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    Friends don't let friends use Tamiya plugs. . . Those things are only good for about 15 amps, and are easy to melt with a Nimh battery. Go with Traxxss or Deans plugs.

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    the adapters r for charging. running them in the car could cause a problem with heat (melting the molex connector). check owners manual to verify if you have doubts ( pg.#11) to be safe I`d change the ones on your batteries.
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