I've gotten a couple of PM's on the LVC harness idea I had in this thread http://monster.traxxas.com/showthread.php?t=425846

I wanted to start a new thread to clarify what it is, why you might want it, and how it fits on. It really simplified LVC's for me.

Disclaimer: I'm definitely very new to the RC scene, and far, far from really knowing what I'm doing, but the harness idea seemed obvious to me. For advanced LVC or Lipo advice, read the FAQ, or ask someone who knows more then me! Neil really helped me figure out Lipo's, can't thank him enough!

First, what I see as the advantages:
  • You don't have to cut the leads on your EVX2.
  • It's quick to remove if you want / need to (different batteries, even a different LVC for bigger Lipos, etc)
  • If you goof your soldering, you can try again and not worry about ruining anything.

So, that being said, here's the harness.

Fairly straightforward for a 2cell Lipo. I used the Novak Smart Stop. Just make a Traxxas "extension" with a male connector on one end, the female on the other, and on one of the ends (doesn't matter which) add the LVC positive and negative leads in to the solder joint. They easily fit inside the connector for me, so no need for shrink wrap.

And here it is on the car.

In this image:

1 is the harness
2 is the BEC side connection - find this by plugging in both batteries, turn the car on, and unplug one battery. If the car immediately goes off, you unplugged the BEC side. If the car stays on, the cable still connected is the BEC side. You'll also notice when you go to charge your batteries the one on that side has a lower voltage left after running.
3 is the cable from the lvc to the receiver box
4 is the cable from the EVX2 to the LVC (unplugged out of the receiver box and replaced by '3')

A side note, you could have a 4 cell LVC by doing basically the same thing, but using two extensions, with one lead of the LVC to each extension. The 2 cell version on the BEC side seemed safer to me, though.

As for how it works? Perfect! I've run it easily two dozen times or more, and had no problems at all!

I hope this clarifies LVCs for some, it's worth it to go lipo's! Don't let the unknown of an LVC get in your way.

- Tony