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    Single Revolver 700-HO with pics

    I must say, I had a smile the whole time using just one Revolver 700-HO. The motor is using a 20T pinion, and worked flawlessely. I had to retighten the grub screw that is in the pinion, but other then that, awesome. It is easily more powerful then the Dual Titans, and ran cooler. I can actually say I was able to drain my batteries with the Revolver 700-HO. With the Titans, I was constantly checking the temps and was never able to drain the batteries. SPC batteries. With the 700-HO I was checking them, and they really weren't that hot. Dan was really cool and very responsive. I asked him to solder everything for me, and he only charged me $7 bucks which is a good deal to me since one, I can't solder, and two it made is easier for me. The only thing I did since I am picky was took a Dremel, and cut some of the pinion off so that there was maybe a few milimeters to get everything to work.

    Motor breakin

    Basically, I wanted to be better safe then sorry so it took and hour and a half. I can say that is was definately worth it.

    Pics of the motor on the truck.

    If you want anymore picutres of how I did the pinion or anything let me know and I'll take some and post it on the fourm.
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