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    Question New motor

    i have a traxxas slash and i was wondering what new kind of mototr i should get? what motor is better than the titan 12?

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    Lots are better to put it simply. The titan is ok for what it is and if you plan on any spec racing it might be the only thing they let you run. Short of going brushless (which would be the way to go the fastest), there are good quality brushed motors out there that you can rebuild when the brushes go out rather than chucking the whole motor into the trash can. Top suggestions from here are going to be the Team Orion Pro BB 15t motor or Trinity Speed gems pro BB 15t or 17t.

    Remember 15turns are the limit for the xl5 esc so don't go lower. Ideally, you want a motor with replaceable brushes (rebuildable) and one with ball bearings instead of bushings. Both listed above have those qualities. The Orion does have a different brush setup with the angled mount that does prolong brush life over a standard setup like on the Speed Gem.

    Take a look around here and you'll get lots of hits on those two motors for sure. If you got the cash, get a brushless setup and you wont have to worry about brushes and motor maintenance.

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    Get the 15 turn i got a 17 turn it was almost the same speed as the stock slash motor..

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    uh, I thought that you could help me figure that out.
    AE Challenger 19T, or a Graupner Speed 600 7.2v BB special, or a Checkpoint Money 19T spec motor. if I'm right, the AE motor and the Checkpoint both use the same endbell, or close enough to it. the AE will pull 177 watts of power, which is pretty good for a 19T spec motor. it'll also do 35,000 RPM, which I would guess is a few K higher than what a 15 turn hand wound mod motor (Speed Gem, stuff of that nature) will pull, and unless you take the motor apart and re-wind the armature yourself, you'll end up with more power from the Challenger. then again, if you want gobs of power but not so much RPM, the Graupner lump will do 271 watts and will pull 28,100 RPM without any load on the drivetrain. all of that is simply nothing compared to even a mild BL system, though. heck, if a speed-300 equivalent BL system designed for minis can pull 200 watts, imagine what a 540 can motor will do

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    best bang for buck I think was a trinity monster pro. its a 550 can and a 17 turn and had like 3 times tha power of the titan. It is rebuildable, has bearings and is far cheaper than brushless at $50-$60. Trust me, TONS of power. Designed for the e-maxx and such. you wont be dissapointed!

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