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    E-Revo vs. Revo electric conversion

    I have a Revo, and I couldn't be happier with it, but I'm also looking at the E-Revo. I know that the biggest differance is the chassis, with a few other minor differances (besides the power plant itself). I'm hoping that someone has built/seen/run/owned/ both the converted to electric and the E-Revo, and can give me a bit of advice.

    The way I was considering doing the conversion was to take the current (not the to be released on the 27th) version of the 3.3 with reverse, and get a clutch adapter for the 5mm motor shaft. I would keep reverse, (I don't race and I will NOT run any vehicle without reverse) and the mechanical brakes. The advantages to this would be the cool factor of a two speed electric, I can use larger batteries than the E-Revo can fit, and I would have a bunch of spare nitro parts for my other one.

    The advantages of the E-Revo would be the simplicity of the whole project. Just slip in a good brushless & ESC and get bashing.

    Bear in mind I really don't mind the time spent on this. I work in a machine shop, so I have access to lathes and mills as long as I let my boss play with my toys once in a while. And I know that I will be dropping some $$$ either way.
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    If you really wanna keep the mechanical reverse, be certain only to use it with very gentle throttle, as BL power destroys it very easily by all accounts if you arent carefull. 2 speed with a big BLmotor isnt really needed, but it might be fun to have I suppose. With mech brakes and reverse though, that allows you to use a plane or heli esc that can do higher voltages, and tend to cost less sometimes than good car/truck escs...
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    FWIW, a 2-speed will be out later next month for the E-Revo. The idea of mechanical brakes is cool if you asked me, I just wonder how fiddly they are to adjust and whether they need constant attention once set.
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    mechanical brakes and a center diff are the standard in racing as it allows front back brake bias. you have to learn to drive differently. In time that will change as the ESC software gets better and better and people learn to adapt like other changes. Id like to see a center diff /mechanical brakes setup from a major manufacture like Traxxas.
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