Hey guys. A while back I posted that I was sending my unopened Slash back to Tower in exchange for a VXL Rustler. I wasnt in a big hurry to do the exchange and I continued to read the Slash posts. After watching several videos of the Slash racing and bashing in stock form, I broke down and decided to give it a shot. So yesterday, I opened it up, set it up, charged up a 7 cell pack and took it for a test run in the driveway. I was pretty impressed with the handling and the short bursts of speed that I was able to achieve in my short concrete driveway.

Today, I took it and my old E-Maxx to an empty lot made up of hard packed dirt and gravel. I was REALLY impressed with how it handled and the speeds that it could achieve in stock form across the wide open area. I soon had it doing donuts and spraying gravel and dirt all over the place. I wiped out with it a few time when I drove across ruts in the ground, but after a few tumbles it usually landed on its wheels. The body got a little scratched up and dusty, but the bumpers and chassis were completely undamaged. The 7 cell Trinity pack seemed to last forever. I didnt time it, but it outlasted my stock E-Maxx with 2-7 cell packs. However, the brakes and reverse took a little getting used to compared to my E-Maxx.

I may buy a VXL system for it someday, but I think it is plenty fast right now. I really hope someone starts making clear muscle car or street truck bodies for it for a custom look. I have also heard that the Anacoda tire/wheel combo for the Jato may work for street bashing. Has anyone tried these yet?

The only thing that I dont like is the velcro on the body and nerf bars. One strip has already peeled off and I have no plans to repace it. This is only my second Traxxas, but I really think they knocked it out of the park with the Slash. I'm glad I kept it.