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    VXL Slash Pinion Selection

    Well i got a VXL system coming for my Slash that should be here tomorrow. I am wondering though, which pinion should i use for it with the stock gearing? the 18t or the 23t? Which one will give the truck the best overall performance and which will allow me to keep temperatures the lowest? Any and all help is appreciated.

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    Someone will correct me if I am wrong. But I would look at what comes in the rustler vxl and start with that.

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    I put the optional pinion in so I'm at 23/86 and am using 2 batteries...7-cell NIMH 4200mah for my wife and friends, and a 8000mah 3s LIPO for me me me...

    With the 7-cell in there I've tried the stock 18t pinion and the low end is great but needs more top I put the 23t in there and it's great but I'm worried about it being in grass and such...the battery gets alittle warm.
    I might try a 20t pinion...probably be just right for the 7-cell. If your staying on road , you could go even higher)

    (none of this applies to the 3s LIPO...battery never gets warm and it supplies a stupid amount of power)

    If I get take a break today I'll throw the 8000mah 3s LIPO in with 35t/76t high gearing...maybe I'll break the sound barrier...

    ...or air will get under the body and turn it into a rocketship.
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