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    I'm having second thoughts....

    A couple weeks ago I showed my six-year-old son the Traxxas ERevo page and asked what he thought of the idea of ditching our current trucks for one of those. He was good on the idea. Obviously I asked him because I want one. I'm turned on by the 4x4 and the size, mostly. I've been diggin' the idea of being able to drive it any where. I also have brushless motors and ESCs I can put in one.

    Well... a couple days ago I showed him pictures of the Slash and asked which one he likes better. He likes the Slash. I'm starting to like the Slash, too. It's not quite as versatile as the ERevo.. but I'm thinking the trade-off of having a(nother) truck he'd like to drive might also be a good thing.

    Obviously the brushless equipment will work in it. But curbs and stuff will still stop me. On the other hand.. I'm not so sure I'm needing to jump all the time anymore. Jumping = lots of parts breaking. And at this point in my RC game, I want to have fun for extended periods rather than spending more money on replacements because I was trying to land a wicked jump.

    And the Slash is cheap....


    <ed> I think I'm 68% Slash, 32% ERevo.
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