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    Tire Gluing/mounting by Nitronaught

    Dear Mods,
    Please excuse the amount of pics, I thought it would be benificial. My son wanted to help he took the pics and helped with the mounting.

    1. Turn all tires inside out. Clean them with naptha or denatured in the centers and around the beads of the tires.
    2. If you do not have holes in your rims drill 2 of them directly accross from each other. I hide my holes on the inside of the rim behind a spoke so they can't be seen.

    Also use about 150 grit sandpaper on the inside of the rim beads and take any lines left from the molding process off the edges of the bead area. Scuffing up the area where the CA glue is going to be will make a much better adhesion between the tire and rim... This is very important especially if you hate re-gluing tires.

    3. Cut the edges off your foarms so they have 45 degree angles on the edges.

    4. Put 2 wraps of duct tape, I just used this gorilla tape it works good too. This controls a lot of high speed balloning.
    MAKE SURE THE ENDING EDGE IS AT THE SAME POINT AS THE LEADING EDGE OF THE TAPE.... This ensures a better balence of the tire.
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