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    Question Spring rate and shock oil

    What is the best spring rate and shock oil combination to use for your jato 3.3 for the back of the truck so you can jump a jump without bottoming out?? Right now i have 50wt oil in all shocks, the stock jato springs in the front, and the stock front revo 3.3 springs in the back, and the back of the jato still bottoms out.(the front of the truck is fine, it never bottoms out.)

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    have you seen this yet?...Building the Ultimate Off-Road Jato (<-- click!)...and here is a link that goes over all the changes you can make to the suspension...Jato Performance Guide Suspension Tuning (<-- click!)...
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    I used these specs from the ultimate off road jato and I bottom out every time I jump plus I blew out 2 shock seals last weekend. I still say a heavier rate is needed for jumping

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