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    body clip holders(for the cheap)

    well, took a idea from my maxx and made my own body clip retainers.
    1) drill a small hole in body
    2) using long small zipties on the clips,then insert ends in hole
    3) use another zip tie on the end to hold them in place.

    wala! clip holders for the cheap!!
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    Looks good. There are numerous ways of retaining body clips cheaply. I use rubber bands or electrical tape. Either way works well, but the tape isn't so great when wet (which it will get with the new maxx's)

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    Dubro makes the best retainers for about $5.

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    I have had many of the Dubro rubber clip retainers, and they look good and perform better, unless you have any breakage on your body already. If you do have a tear or something near the retainer and then a wreck happens that pulls the body off, it will wedge the retainer in the tear and cut it right off. The zip ties won't do that, but maybe more damage to the body.
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