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    My review of the Velineon system (VXL)

    I've wrote a review of the Velineon system on this thread -

    Also, it is here:

    So far, so good ...

    My Stampede started life as a XL-1. I had already upgraded to RPM bearing carriers & 5x11 bearings, RPM bumper, Hitec HS-5645MG digital servo, Kimbrough #124 servo saver, BigBore shock caps (2667) , and steel outdrive yokes (4628X). I also have Masher2Ks and a homemade wheely bar.

    I wore out a Stinger, a Speed Gems 2 Saphire 17T-S, and a SpeedGems Pro Titanite 15T-D and have been runing a Frankenstinger. I missed the speed of a modified motor but have been frustrated with the time and expense required to keep a mod motor running good. After much debate I decided to go brushless and chose the Velineon (3350). The Mambas seem nice but are more expensive and seem more tempermental with overheating.

    I upgraded my tranny with the Diff w/Steel Ring (2381X) and Steel Idler (3696). I also switched to the XL-5 spec slipper [plate & hub (5556), clutch kit (5552), roll pin (3793), top gear (3195), screws (2554), & bearing]. I bought a 86T spur (4686) and 19T pinion (2419). The new slipper seems like a nice improvement but I don't really know that it was required. I already had four spare stub axles so I did not buy the new ones (2753X) and I have some Jato halfshafts (5550).

    I bought the Traxxas connector (3060) and used the female plug to make a Traxxas-to-Deans adapter for my battery-to-ESC connection. I have the male plug to make a lead for my charger in case I buy a new battery with the Traxxas connector. For those who haven't seen the new Traxxas connectors they are pretty nice. They are much larger than Deans but subsequently are easier to grab hold of to plug & unplug. Assembling the plug was easy and the design doesn't require shrink wrap over the solder joints. Since we are all Traxxas owners these will probably become the plug of choice.

    The Velineon system was easy to install and the manual is "top notch". I was happy to find out that it includes the VXL-3 mounting plate (3725) and ESC to plate mounting screws (& hex key wrench). The motor also comes with flathead hex mounting screws which are nicer than regular screws with washers under them. The ESC-to-Receiver wires are nice and long (unlike those on some non-Traxxas ESCs). The motor-to-ESC and ESC-to-battery wiring is nice and beefy. The motor wires are also long enough to allow some braiding (to reduce radio interference). Setup was easy if you read and follow the instructions in the owners manual. It also comes with a wallet size card with "EZ-Set Tips" that you can carry with you until you memorize how the ESC is programmed. A small sheet of stickers was also included.

    My impressions of the performance of the Velineon system are somewhat limited because I currently have only one battery - a RadioShack GP3300 stick pack. I've done only three runs so far. In a nutshell - WOW! I've never owned, or seen in person the use of, a brushless system. It definately outperforms a SpeedGems Pro Titanite 15 turn, double wind which I thought was very fast. The top speed is faster. The accelleration is at least as good and keeps going and going. The torque is much greater and continues even as speed increases. For example, with the Titanite going from pavement to grass you could feel it slow down slightly as it fought the increased resistance of the grass. The Velineon keeps going like it is still on the pavement. The Titanite would wheely easily as long as it had good traction. The Velineon will wheely even if the wheels aren't completely hooked up. Also, I kind of like the fact that the brushless motor has less drag and the truck coasts along faster if you let off the throttle. I imagine this would contribute some to making the battery last longer during a bash session. The increased performance also makes the user more involved in the driving experience because you need to pay more attention to exactly what your throttle finger is doing. No more "mash the trigger & go" and "let off to turn" then "mash the trigger & go" style of driving. You'll put the truck on its lid way easier. I think I will learn to be a better driver because I'll learn to feather the trigger. My Stampede is not insane with this battery but is faster than it has ever been. Too much more speed seems kind of crazy (although crazy fast might be a lot of fun). Those of you with 11.1V lipo packs must have a much less twitchy tigger finger than I.

    So ... for now, I am very happy with the Velineon system. If it proves to be durable and reliable I will continue to remain happy. [Traxxas, you should step up to the plate and stand behind your product and provide a longer warrenty. I'm sure many customers are holding back or going with a Mamba because of the short warrenty.] The Velineon system has left a good first impression on me.

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    the 2753X is the same as the old ones ( i emailed traxxas about it)

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    i heard those things are not that good

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    wow, very good review, if I had read this before I got my mamba max I may have gotten a velineon system instead

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    Great review. I agree on every point. If you have never run a brushless set up you don't know what you're missing. Wait till you put a 3S Lipo in there, It gets silly. As for durability. I have been running several different brushless motors over the last couple of years and do love the Mambas but lately i've been buying the V systems. My VXL bandit has way over 100 runs with zero ESC or motor problems. I just completed installing a V system in and old Tamiya Baja Champ and i'm heading out for a few test passes in a few minutes. Wish me luck.

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    People make them look bad by showing they smoke, but the chance of that is very rare. My friends have velineons and nothing has ever happen to them. Also traxxas can help you if one does break. On the other hand, I'm looking to buy a new velineon for my traxxas slash 2wd. Does any have some good tips about it.
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    Wow this thread is almost 10 yrs old, but yeah the vxl is a good system for 2s, not much for 3.

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