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    How long to LIpos Last

    Im stuck between asking for a revo for christmas, or Upgrading my erusty

    I like run time and 10mins of run time is unacceptable , no offence

    I like playing around for a coupple of hours , And I know it all depends on the battery , im just wondering How long does the typical Lipo battery last at a full charge

    (I dont drive slow, its alwase full throtle)

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    about an a half an our to an hour
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    a little soon for christmas

    I've already been through a couple, not cus they wore out or anything I just keep upgrading them.
    On my rusty here's what I saw with my batteries (all lipo):
    2100mah (blew up in 4 runs) - 12-15 mins runtime, 45-50mins to charge
    4000mah - 15-20 mins runtime, 1hr to charge
    5000mah - 30 mins runtime, 1hr 20-30mins to charge
    8000mah - 30 mins runtime, 1hr 45mins to charge

    Now of course the biggest part of the performance will be your charger. It'll make the biggest difference in both specs.
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    Actually a pair of 2cell 6000mah (would be the same for the 12000mah) get you about 1 hour uptime pushing things pretty hard a 3cell 8000 will get you closer to 45min of uptime from my experience. If you run a 3cell 8000mah at say 40-45mph it will last a lot longer since the watt hours are quite a bit higher than the 2cell 6000's. But if you are running closer to it's max most the time you will see the ~45ish min I noted.

    It really depends on if you are full on all the time or bashing around, you could prolly get a little more or a little less that what I stated above.

    Don't get anything less than a Hyperion E0S5i ac/dc charger w/ balancer, this is a 5amp charger and does a nice job and is a very nice price IMO -about 120-130 range, but ask b-p-p for a discount if you are getting a mamba too or already got one.

    Lipo's typically get 300 or more cycles up to 500 if treated really well.
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