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    Traxxas Bigfoot Vs Axial Grave Digger at the Skatepark

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    Great vid. While the GD looks the part and was a great idea it FAILS HARD in the real world. For the 400 dollar price tags I expected a lot more. I was considering getting one, but once I saw some videos of it.....forget it.

    As for the Traxxas BF it's tried and true on the dead reliable stampede platform. I know every likes to "bag" on Traxxas for using the same old parts and kits over and over again.....but why wouldn't you.....they flat out work.

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    Axial actually got it right, going with a proven platform for their build, just like Traxxas does. The core problem is the power plant, which is purposely under powered. If you threw in a brushless system running a 13.5 motor, it would scream. Also, the solid axles look more proper for a monster. But, as you pointed out, for twice the price, it really should have a better performing power plant, and having to dish out another 200 bones to make it perform is a bit annoying. If you are just wanting monster-ish looks, good performance out of the box, and at about half the cost, the Pede is the way to go.
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