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    Jato brakes...the final chapter..

    Ok....I spent about 3 hours last night reading over all of the Jato brake mods and I've finally found something that I think works well....
    but before i go any further, there has been alot of debate on the fact that the stock brakes can work correctly if set up right....

    If someone can make the stock set-up work, God Bless you....I can't..

    I tried the set screw collar on the left side of the servo horn with the fuel tubing, harder springs etc...NOTHING was working.....then about 2AM I found something that did...atleast for today...

    I've run about half a quart through it and it's locking the brakes EVERY time.

    I took the stock spring off and put a piece of fuel tubing inside of the hollow end of a nylon pen shaft.(basically i took a ball point pen, took the insides out and hacked off about an inch and put the tubing inside of that.)..I rebuilt it like it was the spring with the nylon adjustor on the end like always....and started it up and WOW....the problem with the fuel tubing is that it flexed too much and even with heat shrink on top of it, it would stop working after about the 5th or 6th tank for some reason....soooo....I thought of this...

    Here's the thing...I want there to be no drag on my transmission when i spin the wheels...they oughtta spin freely without resistance...that way there is no drag on the engine. So that's what i did...i backed off of the hex screws on the brake pads just enough for the wheels to spin freely then added this mod.

    When I warmed it up, and got on my first WOT...i locked those brakes up and it WORKED. FINALLY!!.....I was skeptical, and went on for over an hour just doing WOT runs. ....the key was to find something that wouldn't flex almost at all.....i have a rubber stopper in between my servo horn and the fuel/pen tubing for a little give to keep from stripping the servo, but after 3 hours...i locked the brakes every time....the servo was a stock servo, and showed no signs of any wear inside....

    I'm not sure if this would work for track conditions, etc...this is a street set up for HIGH SPEED BRAKING....

    My thinking is this, and please correct me if I'm wrong, i'm still learning...

    The servo hits the rubberstop..that thing is about an 1/8 inch wide...compressed, it hits the pen tube and the servo locks the brake...the harder my brake, the harder the pen resists the rubber stop and the harder the plates on the brakes compress are compressed....after that 1/8th inch there is no more more drag and brakes that work. Like throttle control, there now seems to be brake control over 65mph...

    I can't think of why this would strip the gears inside the're still applying the same force as a spring or to apply drag on the plates of the brakes on the stock set up..resistance is resistance, just applied at a different after one long post, i think i might have success.

    BTW thanks to NitroExpress for coming up with the start to this idea in a past thread.....U DA MAN!!
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