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    Replacing JATO Spur Gears

    I need to replace the JATO 54 T Spur gear and was wondering how tough it is. I was thinking of going to a 58 T Gear and dropping the clutch bell to 20 T. I dont know much about this but heard that going up in teeth for the spur and down in teeth for the clutch bell will increase low end torque and let me do wheelies. I like the top end of the car but am limited by the size of my street and would rather be able to wheelie. Thanks.

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    Your right. But I think it is enough when you change the clutchbell from 22 to 18 and let the stock spur gear of 54 T.
    I work with the stock 22 clutch bell and the stock 54 spur gear and sometimes when there is enough grip the JATO wheels ...
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    changing the cb from 22 to 18 is exactly the same as changing the spur gear from 54 to 58. anyway i use both 18t clutch bell and 58t spur gear and i would get a wheelie sometimes with the 2.5, it wont stop now with the 3.3. anyway its easy, i think its explained in the manual. just take the 3 screws out and pull the spur gear off and then remove the clip that holds the clutch bell onto the crankshaft, use some pliers to do that is easiest but they are anoying and easy to loose because they jump off sometimes and you cant run your truck without them so be careful when removing it. anyway just put the bearings from the 22t cb onto the 20t cb and slide it back on the crankshaft. then put the clip back on then put the new spur gear on and replace the 3 screws. then finally re adjust the mesh by loosening the 4 bolts that hold the engine mount on and put the paper.. etc (its all explained in the manual)

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