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    Stampede XL5 2WD Suspension Setup

    I was comparing the suspension setup on my new Stampede 2WD to my X-Maxx and there appear to be marked differences.

    The suspension on the big Maxx appears to be very well balanced front to rear, the two ends seem to be in agreement when they encounter a bump. Both ends have the same static suspension sag with comparable compression and rebound damping on both ends.

    My Stampede appears to have a softly sprung front end with fairly light compression and rebound settings stock. This would be OK but the rear seems over damped in both compression and rebound and seems to have excessive static sag due to a soft spring which makes the rear end squat under acceleration. When pressing down on the rear, it seems to be very slow to rebound like the damping is too firm.

    I took some of the rear sag out by adding the thickest shock preload spacer and this firmed up the rear spring slightly and got the sag about equal to the front end. Of course this stiffened overall compression a bit on the rear and slightly increased the rate of rebound. Under hard acceleration, there was less squat so I'm moving in the right direction.

    I'm guessing I may need to go to a lighter oil in the rear shock to get things in balance.

    Has anyone else noticed this and if so what steps did you take to sort it out?

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    I'm pretty sure it is due to all the weight is in the rearmed of a pede. I don't have a maxx so I can't speak to the layout but if u look there is basically no weight in the front end of a 2wd pede. Never messed with oil weights so I can't comment on that. I just played with shock placement and spacers to get my pede to set where I want when it is standing still I don't care about it when it is running. It's only natural for it to squat down under acceleration.

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    Having the front end "softer" than the rear helps with turning. You need weight to shift to the front to make turns. My stampede has terrible understeer. I have 30wt shock fluid in the front and 35wt rear. I think I need to further soften the front still. Your X-Mass is much heaver and can be more balanced front to rear.
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