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    Lipo Battery for 26/76 Bandit VXL

    Im not to sure where to post this, hopefully Im in the right place.

    So I been looking for a lipo battery that will run with my Bandit. The gearing is 26/76 (stock)VXL. I bought it like this. I cant get the pinion gear out because it is stripped and have tried alot of things and nothing works so Im just settling with this gearing.

    Anyways, Im wondering what lipo battery would be best to use on a 26/76 gearing. I want it to catch some type of speed and last on battery. Any sugestions?

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    I run 2S on my Bandit with 31/76 and it runs great, plenty fast and cool on all types terrain.
    What esc/motor? It's best to have a temp gun handy until you get the temps comfortable for you. My rule is under °160 is great but I prefer mine under°140.
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