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    How To: Tmaxx Diff Shim Mod

    mods please note: due to limitations per post, i had to split this "how to" over a few posts.."

    Tmaxx Diff Shim Mod.

    This page will describe how to shim your Tmaxx diff, to remove excess play and help your diffs last longer. It also enhances the posi effect and keeps dirt out your diff, and the greases in.

    You will need the following products.

    Yokomo Diff grease/ Lock lube - CS-DGH (hard) for rear, CS-DGM (medium) for front.

    I noticed its now obsolete on tower but you can get the same type of grease from a 1:1 car suspension specialist in a larger tub. i beleive its the same stuff used to install eurathane/nolathane bushings..
    it should look & feel like a very thick, sticky, waxy "vasoline" and is a silicone based product. (no, DONT use vasoline instead!)

    Automotive grease like Valvoline etc (good quality grease)
    6mm Steel shim & 10mm Steel Shim. (approx 10 of each)
    6mm Teflon washers
    5mm x8mm O-rings
    Traxxas Foam body washers # 4915

    (inside and outside refers to the side of the truck in the turn)

    In the turn the outside has good traction, and the inside doesn't. The inside will "diff out" (spin ALOT faster than the other side) if you're pushin' it hard. When the inside hooks back up out of the turn, it will shock load the driveline if the track is sticky.

    Packing your diff cups w/ grease will lessen the diffin' out and it will put more power to the ground. The diff action will still be there, unlike a spool, so you won't have turning issues. If you decide to try this it's easy to do and totally reversible if you don't like the way the truck handles afterward. I like the way it handles, you can throw it in a turn, steer the wheels back out, and steer it on the throttle. Kinda like sprint cars on dirt

    The medium lube in the front doesn't hurt turn in.
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