I have a Nice Sand Super Nitro 4x4 Datsun truck.
This truck is in great shape, It is also a Rare truck. I was told it was a Japanese version truck.
it has a OS Max.11 and it has a Rugged aluminum frame simular to the famous Tamiya Bruiser.
This truck it a tru 4-wheel drive with traction control. It is also chain driven
The body is in great shape too.
The truck will come RTR with a 4-channel radio system made by Tower Hobby.
You will need a Glow starter and Fuel. Thats all.
What I want for this Truck is One nice Stampede.
Preferably with hop-ups and batteries and a charger.
If your interested email me at Thegreenlantarn@aol.com
I will gladly give you some pics of the truck.