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    SRT Hawk2 MT4 TCP

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    My first R/C restoration

    My 1990 Sledgehammer
    See the before in post #45
    Many new old stock parts ,mostly new electronics,and a TBG body,my first r/c paint job to match my 1980 Malibu ,I just need to find NOS wheels and a front bumper!

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    Vintage Traxxas Electric Picture & Video Gallery

    I picked up a Telluride a couple weeks ago and got inspired to pull out my old RCs. I have no clue if the Super Saber will even run but it needs work.

    The Sledgehammer hasn't been run in 15 or so years and it needs some work. The tires need to be replaced. The body obviously needs to be replaced. The wires to the motor are shot but a new motor will fix that. A few small parts and screws should finish it off. I even have the original charger.

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