I had a post on here before of my old emaxx. after 3 months of a complete teardown and rebuild it is finally back together and badder than ever.

3906 emaxx chassis (the purple parts have been powder coated)
wide track arms
hardened steel driveshafts
twin 820 KD motor setup
rebuilt metal geared 3906 tranny locked in 2nd gear.
IMEX Swamp Dawg Tires
Summit evx-2 with LVD.
Locked rear diff/LS front diff (for easier turning)
all new ceramic bearings throughout entire truck.
Home made Twin steering servo setup.

Upgrades to come:
New shocks.
Wanting to purchase a TMAXX roller and convert it over to emaxx spec. leave the automatic 2 speed tranny in. have lots of ideas for it.