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    What have I bought? 3903 or 3905?

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    Looks like the3905 i have3903 not much difference really you just want to stay away from the2speed transmission and the black slotted chassis it might be a 3 can't remember if the5came with a2 speed or not but your is definitely the good trans is serial number still on it can look up by that too i also know3s are brushless ready

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    Hi Virdi! I have been upgrading the 3905, with aftermarket parts, as a hobby and it's been fun. The 3905's I have, were one-speed only. When I purchased them in 2009 they were all one-speed. I purchased two trucks and another E-MAXX 3905 was a gift. So, I was introduced to three 3905's then.

    By the way, I never had any problems; except for times of bashing and I had to replace some parts - very few. The two-speed upgrade kit, for the tranny, was a Traxxas' option to the one speed tranny for the trucks.

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    quite hard for me to tell the difference between 3905 and 3903

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