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    Talking 4-Tec 3.3 hop ups

    Hey I'm new to the community, and am looking for aluminum and graphite/carbon fiber parts for my car. If anyone can help me out please and thank you, it would be greatly appreciated. If you have some laying around or no of LHS that have any/ links to web pages that carry them that would be great. Thanks Dylan. 😁

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    here yeah go. nitro 4 tec +alloy

    all in ebay.
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    Yes ebay will be your best bet . But if your after carbon fiber parts be ready to pay for it. They go for a nice chunk of change. I have pretty much stock piled a whole set for my 4 tec pro just in case it got in an accident. But one thing i would not reccommend getting carbon fiber is the rear shock tower.they break so easily its not even worth the money time and effort to get one,just get the rpm one .

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