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    Talking Nitro Stampede Picture & Video Gallery

    Please read this before posting.
    Post pictures or links to pictures here.
    All links must comply with standard Forum rules.
    Keep chatter(non picture posts) out. Its a gallery, we are here to see pictures. Non picture posted will be moved or removed at my discretion.
    Bug me till I post my own pictures. I'm lazy like that.
    Do not list every part on your Pede. Let the pictures speak for themselves.
    You CAN list CUSTOM mods to your pede, and it is encouraged to put a link to a post describing how you did the mod.
    Posted pictures MUST be no more than 640 pixels wide. If it makes my screen scroll to the left, its too big. If you cant resize the picture, PM me and Ill tell you how to do so nice and easy.

    That's it. Have fun.

    If you need picture hosting, PM me, and we can arrange that. Ill allow for 4 pictures from one person. It will take 24 to 48 hours, sometimes only ten minutes, to get the pics posted.

    Thanks and enjoy,


    Feel free to post your videos here as well. Just make sure that they follow the forum rules. -cooleo
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