got to visit there last weekend the day before turkey leg at jcg. that's a first class facility down there, nice pits, nice well stocked hobby shop, helpful and courteous staff in the hobby shop. plus it's easy to get to and has plenty of parking.
about the track...... hmmmm, what can i say? hated the elevation of the track, only two sets of stairs to access the track and half the time you had to push your way through people standing on the stairs driving. due to the elevation you either had to drive from the drivers stand, or take your life in your hands and stand on a six inch wide wall or it was impossible to see all areas of the track. (the entire track is about 4 ft above floor level) none of that matters on race day when you have corner marshalls but for practice it made crashes a serious pain..... any crash is pretty much a guaranteed flame-out because it took so long to get to your car. they won't allow driving from the track, which would go a long way helping all these problems.
aggravating all the above problems was a technical layout with lots of big air. the general consensus among the group i was with was one word- brutal. everybody there with us that day suffered breakage due to the large jumps. with track access so difficult, everybody agreed the the layout should be toned down somewhat. it was understandable the driving from the track is not permitted, with all the big air, violent crashes, somebody would get hurt eventually.
because of all the above, this facility would be a good place to go race, but i'll pass when it comes to somewhere to go practice. corner marshalls are a requirement at this track, otherwise it's one big hassle....